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With the newly invested capital Anteryon plans to boost its worldwide manufacturing facilities, including extension of the facilities in Eindhoven, Netherlands and the set up of a new production facility in the Far East. The company’s WaferOptics product portfolio ranges from VGA to 5MP. Anteryon’s manufacturing facilities in Eindhoven and China today produce millions of WaferOptics lens stacks monthly at extremely high yield, for several tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers around the globe. Building a 12″ color filter & micro lens array production line is an pivotal step for SMIC to create IC manufacturing supply chain and implement differentiated strategy,” said Dong Cui, EVP of SMIC Investment and Strategic Business Development. Semiserious posted an interesting story on image sensor fakes having just one metal layers covered by color filters and microlens. Lipsense is especially for those women who want that their lip color to remain on their lips and do not want to eat it. It was supposed to be “a certain leading CMOS image sensor supplier’s device who is known to use a certain leading Asian fab to manufacture its devices” (Omnivision?).

Reuters: Tower announced today that it was chosen by JPL to manufacture a CMOS image sensor for use in the development of its advanced MultiSpectral Polarimetric Imager (MSPI). This design is JPL’s fifth submission to Tower, dating back to April, 2001. The previous submissions totaled 28 different designs, with this latest design being the most challenging of the series fabricated for JPL by Tower. As more reverse engineering research is being done on it, the story might continue. Just being from China, is it good enough? By arranging the photodetector in the silicon germanium layer, the photodetector advantageously has good sensitivity to and absorption of long-wavelength radiation, such as, for example, infrared radiation. Similarly, when prices of competing goods fall, and the price for the good in question remain unchanged the competing goods suddenly become more attractive proposition, and customers would flock to such goods. When you are able to provide a very helpful written assessment about the merchandise you would surely help customers spend their money wisely. Sony had reduced the volume of semiconductors shipped to its customers to meet a surge in internal demand.

Why shouldn’t we alter nature to meet our needs? By beginning the shutter manufacturing for mobile phones, Sungwoo Electronics was able to secure many patents and then manufacture a shutter for 12 mega-pixel cameras. Backed by the patents, it has dominated the shutter manufacturing business in the global market for digital cameras. Up to now, the Japanese maker Copal has accounted for 90% of the global market of mechanical shutters, equivalent to HP in the printer manufacturing business. Business Wire: Canesta is using TowerJazz’s CIS process to manufacture its CanestaVision 3-D image sensors. As such, manufacturing the logic devices on silicon germanium introduces difficulties and adds cost to the manufacture of the CMOS image sensors. The present application is directed to a CMOS image sensor with elemental silicon and silicon germanium for long-wavelength pixel sensors. CanestaVision chips are the single-chip 3-D image sensor SoCs for use in consumer desktop computing, TV and entertainment applications. The device uses an image sensor process at Tower’s Fab1 facility.

These new appliances sometimes include manufacturer warranties and may come with home delivery and installation, making the purchasing and ownership process more convenient. Receiving Cash at HOME SCAM? This has the opportunity of having garments fully customized including style, fit, fabric, and trim with delivery direct to the home in a few days at a price similar to the mass produced garments. It is best used as an anti-aging solution having content of Vitamin E and saponins. “Canesta’s solution is the most robust in the industry, offering the best performance compared to any other competing solution. While we are at ToF news, Softkinetic, Optrima and Metrological Media Innovations announced a partnership to offer set-top-box and television manufacturers an integrated 3D gesture-based solution. While each icon is visually distinct, all product icons for a brand should be unified through concept and execution. While cylindrical roller bearing have both pros and cons, they are definitely used in a number of applications in the industrial field.